Jacob Andrews


Born to a saudi arabian concubine and american diplomat, Jacob’s parentage was hidden from the public for fear of its effect on his father’s career. At age 18 when he learned who his trrue father was, he confronted him and threatened to go public with the information. His father gave him a generous sum of money in exchage for his silence, and Jacob began to travel the globe.

1990 (age 18): Jacob left Arabia to begin his travels and wend to Africa. He traveled by improvised means down from egypt to the cape of good hope and stayed with several different tribes along the way. He even spent a few years on a shark hunting ship sailing along the eastern coast.

1995 (age 23): After reaching the cape of good hope, he traveled to england where he met a british gentleman, lord Geofery Hastings, and they became fast freinds. Geofery taught Jacob of his greatest passion, falconry, and In return Jacob taught him of many African cultures and painted him great works of art.

Jacob Andrews

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